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Lecco's Mountains

Enjoy the beauty of Lecco's mountains and green plains. Alot of activities can be done their, like: climbing, hiking, mountain biking, camping and dining, at winter also available alot of ski tracks and invernal activities.

Lake Como

One of the most beatuiful and most famous lakes in Europe. along the lake there are alot of restaurants where you can enjoy it's charming view. There are also alot of activities, like: swimming, fishing, kayaking, kite and wind surfing. Available Also taxi boats to take you in an outstanding tour in the lake visiting alot of enchanting villages like Varenna and Bellaggio.

Basilica romana minore di San Nicolò

The main Basilica of lecco and it's most famous religious attraction.

Villa Manzoni

The Place where the young Alessandro Manzoni, the author of the most famous italian novel The Betrothed, lived his childhood. There is Manzoni Museum and an art gallery.


Parking at via Sassi

Parking at Via Salvatore Sassi is very close to our hotel, less than 100 m distant. It is free from 20:00 till 08:00, else it costs 1 Euro/h.

Parking at via Dante Alighieri

White strips public parking lanes. It is close to our Hotel, 400 m distant and free 24h

Parking at via Ferreira

Not to far from our Hotel, it's just at the other side from the train station, about 500 meters distant. It is free 24h and has special lanes for busses and big vans and trucks.


Merediane Shopping Center

The Meridiane shooping center is at a five minuts walking distance from the Hotel.

City Center

We are write in the city center, where the main shopping area is. Shops are at foot steps from our Hotel